Support the community

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With millions of Docker users all over the world, there’s always someone who needs a helping hand. Like many open source projects, the Docker project relies on community support channels like forums, IRC, and StackOverflow. You should contribute mentoring if you have good knowledge of:

  • how open source projects run
  • using Docker in some particular domain (for example, testing or deployment)
  • using Git, Go, GitHub, IRC, or other common tools

Also, choose mentoring if you like to be happy. Studies show that helping others is a great way to boost your own well being.

Docker users

Docker users are people using Docker in their daily work. To help Docker users, visit:

You can also check the list of open user questions on the Docker project.

Docker contributors

Docker contributors are people like you contributing to Docker open source. Contributors may need help with IRC, Go programming, Markdown, or with other aspects of contributing. To help Docker contributors, visit:

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