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The Docker projects use GitHub issues to record issues and feature requests that come in from contributors. Help us organize our work by triaging. Triage is the process of reviewing incoming issue tickets, gathering more information about the issue, and verifying whether or not the issue is valid.

You should triage if you want to discover which Docker features other contributors think are important. Triage is a great choice if you have an interest or experience in software product management or project management.

What kind of issues can I triage?

Docker users and contributors create new issues if they want to:

  • report a problem they had with Docker software
  • request a new feature
  • ask a question

How do I triage?

Follow these steps:

  1. Sign up for a Github account.

  2. Visit a Docker repository and press the Watch button.

    This tells GitHub to notify you of new issues. Depending on your settings, notification go to your GitHub or email inbox. Some of repositories you can watch are:

    docker/dockerDocker the open-source application container engine
    docker/machineSoftware for the easy and quick creation of Docker hosts on your computer, on cloud providers, and inside your own data center.
    kitematic/kitematicKitematic is a simple application for managing Docker containers on macOS and Windows.
    docker/swarmNative clustering for Docker; manage several Docker hosts as a single, virtual host.
    docker/composeDefine and run complex applications using one or many interlinked containers.

    See the complete list of Docker repositories on GitHub.

  3. Choose an issue from the list of untriaged issues.

  4. Follow the triage process to triage the issue.

    The triage process asks you to add both a kind/ and a exp/ label to each issue. Because you are not a Docker maintainer, you add these through comments. Simply add a +label keyword to an issue comment:


    For example, the +exp/beginner and +kind/writing labels would triage an issue as beginner writing task. For descriptions of valid labels, see the triage process.

  5. Triage another issue.

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