Understand how to contribute

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Contributing is a process where you work with Docker maintainers and the community to improve Docker. The maintainers are experienced contributors who specialize in one or more Docker components. Maintainers play a big role in reviewing contributions.

There is a formal process for contributing. We try to keep our contribution process simple so you’ll want to contribute frequently.

The basic contribution workflow

In this guide, you work through Docker’s basic contribution workflow by fixing a single beginner issue in the docker/docker repository. The workflow for fixing simple issues looks like this:

Simple process

All Docker repositories have code and documentation. You use this same workflow for either content type. For example, you can find and fix doc or code issues. Also, you can propose a new Docker feature or propose a new Docker tutorial.

Some workflow stages do have slight differences for code or documentation contributions. When you reach that point in the flow, we make sure to tell you.

Where to go next

Now that you know a little about the contribution process, go to the next section to find an issue you want to work on.

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